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Bounce Back Formula Workshop



If there is any skill you’ll want to strengthen, it is the power of a good comeback. Sorry, not sorry, the Bounce Back Formula is the trademarked class that thoroughly breaks down how to survive failure.

Topics of Discussion

Dealing With Loss

If you’re trying to bounce back from something, acknowledging that you’ve lost something is key.

Honing Communication

Learn how to utilize language to efficiently navigate through loss and to abundance.

Starting Over

We’ll help you to understand the process of starting over in 6 practical steps.

1-On-1 Introductory Coaching Sessions



Get one-on-one coaching in an intimate experience via video chat or phone. Each newcomer will receive 1 discovery call and 4 coaching sessions.

Principles We Coach From

You have all the answers you need.

Sometimes you need a little push to help move you forward. We’ve got your back.

We are not counselors. We are guides.

Our coaches are a sounding board from which you will receive more feedback than advice. Consult a licensed therapist or couselor if needed.

Discover, Uncover, and Recover

We want the best you to live and thrive so we make sure to touch on problems AND solutions.

Our Approach



“A bird’s eye view is the best way to describe how I evaluate a situation. There are many pieces on life’s chess board and viewing the topic at hand from various perspectives aids my objectivity. When coaching someone, I ask the hard questions, I dig deep, and I persist. When it comes to saving someone’s (often metaphorical) life, I can be militant as we battle it out to your breakthrough. While kindness and compassion guide me, raw truth and clarity informs my approach to coaching just as much.”


When it comes to my leadership style I am very democratic and decisive. I listen, assess, set goals, and then launch. My mentees and clients come to me because I am approachable and establish transparency. I find pleasure in meeting people where they are and crafting the journey for them to get to where they want to be. The excitement in coaching someone allows me to keep them motivated because they become my new favorite sports team and I become their biggest fan.” 

Brytney & Dominic - CRE8V CURNCY Coaches

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