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We asked our writers, painters, crafts people, and performance communities what their biggest setbacks were. We’ve categorized them into three main categories and created programming to address them all.

Business Resources

Access to our multi-million dollar network and resources will be available soon. Meanwhile, check out our other business services.

Legacy Development

Set up your plan to pass wealth down to future generations.

Mental Health in Business

Cultivate a healthy mind helps build healthy business.

Financial Education

Basic principals to find your level of success.

 What is CRE8V CURNCY?

Creative professionals are responsible for contributing “just over 6.1% to global gross domestic product (GDP)“, generating  annual revenues of $2.25 trillion and account for 30 million jobs worldwide as of 2019. Still, so many artists have very little knowledge of monetizing their art and much less know how to manage their monetary successes. CRE8V CURNCY is a direct response to the lack of financial guidance in the creative professional’s community and the need for security of their legendary impact. 

Why coaching?

A coach is simply a guide to point you in the right direction despite yourself. Being one’s own worst enemy is where creative blocks, plateaus in business, emotional instability, and relationship issues tend to stem from. Our coaches have assisted people out of depression and away from suicide. They have guided entrepreneurs in business and mindset. They have coached musicians, writers, poets, and more on maintaining  strong mental health. CRE8V CURNCY Coaches help you find your own answers, hold you accountable, and encourage you into success.

What is The Process Like?

Our classes and courses are currently all virtual and in a large group setting. Getting one-on-one coaching is an intimate experience via video chat or phone. Each newcomer will go through 1 discovery call and 4 coaching sessions. Current clients can either subscribe to coaching sessions or purchase a single session as needed.

1. Discovery Call

This is where we get to know you, why you want coaching, what your goals are, how we can hold you accountable, and our coaching schedule.

2. Coaching Sessions 1-3

In our first few sessions, you will get a customized experience based on what was discussed in the Discovery Call.

3. Coaching Session 4 + Transition Call

In the last session, you and your coach will review the past month, your results, your progress, and your struggles. You will discuss your future plans and strategies in a Transition Call.

4. Survey

Clients will receive an email with a survey to review the coaches, the process, and your overall experience with CRE8V CURNCY.

5. Follow-Up Call

Your CRE8V CURNCY Coach will check in on you a 2-3 weeks after your last session.

Classes and Courses

Build-Your-Own Blueprint

Though some use very similar strategies, everyone’s journey to success is different. Customize how you can make moves to propel you from your current position.

More Details

We show you the available tools many have used to achieve success. You decide what you will build with them and how.


Bounce Back Formula

If there is any skill you’ll want to strengthen, it is the power of a good comeback. Sorry, not sorry, the Bounce Back Formula is the trademarked class that thoroughly breaks down how to survive failure. 

More Details

Covered in this class are introductory lessons about effective communication, how to handle different relationship dynamics, the tools needed to improve your quality of life in all areas, and how to use these things to recover from loss.


At the end of this course, you will… 

  • know how to EFFECTIVELY make choices
  • be able to handle conflict and other undesirable situations.
  • understand the power of the mind.
  • gain an in-depth understanding of self.

Starting at $49

What’s Your Number?

Fantasizing about the day you retire doesn’t have to be a lofty dream. Get a solid, customized plan to get to that sweet spot.

More Details

Talk to a certified licensed professional to help you get your finances in order and secure your long-term investments to retire on your terms. Schedule your appointment today!


Thought Ninja

It’s one thing to counter negative thoughts after they occur, but what if you could stop them before they even begin?

More Details

This 2-Hour class offers a comprehensive strategy to blocking thought processes that disagree with our highest vibrations. The same way a physical trainer would train someone regularly in a gym, it is recommended this class be taken as frequently as possible.


A 6-Week comprehensive training touching on mental health in business, practical tips and strategies to creating and managing a business, and ways to build toward a financial legacy.

More Details

In this 6-Week course, we discuss…

  • Mental Health In Business
  • The Bounce-Back Formula
  • 5 Agreements of a Rich Mind
  • Training Your Thought Ninja
  • Financial Literacy 101
  • Legacy Development for Working Creatives

Reawaken the Confidence in You

An in-depth course for those looking to breakthrough to the next level of self awareness.

More Details

Take a deep dive into your subconcious, your biases, you habits, and emotional closets. This course unearths deep-seeded beliefs and challenges why your faith lies where it does, all to elevate your psyche and enlighten you belief systems.

About Us

CRE8V CURNCY is a collection of programming specifically catered to creatives budding into business and looking to create legendary impact.  Developed by two authors, A. Brytney Reaves, known as Queen Ex, and Dominic “Nerd the Divine 1” McDonald, the classes, courses, and coaching keep in mind the creative process, how creative individuals think, and the struggles these working professionals have when balancing life and craft.

While living and working across the United States as paid creators, Dominic and Brytney have an accumulated 20+ years of experience and insight to breaking through to new levels. Though still learning and growing, both find it imperative to share connections, resources, lessons, and tips along the way.


“…an accountable and unbiased outlook on strategies to achieve success and is willing to be personable to guide you throughout the process.”

“…great at giving advice, providing directions, and providing people with the opportunity to change screens in their life. The advice that was given to me works great.”

“Insightful, soulful perspective; encouraging and affirming.” 

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